Religion and Faith

We believe that it is hugely important for all children to learn about different world religions and to engender a sense of respect for all people of all faiths.  The children will grow up alongside people who practise different religions and those who have none.  We celebrate difference and seek to develop a shared understanding of some of the similarities and differences between religions.

We have an enquiry-based approach to learning, using the North Yorkshire RE curriculum, which gives the children a chance to ask questions and find out about religions.  As a Church of England school, we teach a good proportion of learning about Christianity and the values and stories that Jesus taught us and how they translate into modern day life.

At Skelton Newby Hall School, our Christian character is evident in our daily life, because our school is so small it is like one big family. Everyone knows not just the people in school but their families too. We support one another and share our feelings, emotions, celebrations and anxieties.

We do some form of collective worship every day. Sometimes it takes place in school and other times we meet Reverend Alison at St. Helen’s in Skelton or have bigger celebration assemblies in Christ the Consoler on Newby Hall Estate.

Assemblies consist of learning about the Church Year and reading bible stories or stories with a moral theme. We explore social and emotional concepts and celebrate good work and achievements. We also learn songs to sing at our assemblies.

We always say Grace before eating lunch and incorporate prayers into our collective worship.

We learn about other world faiths as part of our RE syllabus and incorporate multi faith celebrations into our topic work. In previous years we have had visits to multi faith centres and visitors to our school who have helped the children to experience music, dance, food, clothes and traditions from other cultures.

The Christian Calendar plays a big part in our school life. We have a big harvest assembly held at Christ the Consoler which is really well attended. The children share songs, music, artwork and poems to show how important the harvest festival is.

At Christmas we have Carol singing in school , a Christingle service in St. Helen’s where all the children make a Christingle and we put on a nativity production in Christ the Consoler which is magical as the children process through candlelit woods in the dark, wearing their nativity costumes. Christ the Consoler is lit up beautifully and it is joy and a pleasure to be part of the school Christmas celebrations.

Around  school there are displays to prompt children to think about our Christian Vision, including the values of  - community, courage, creativity, forgiveness, joy, love and respect. We often pass around stones with these words written on them and children talk about examples of things that have happened which show their understanding of our values.

The children are very empathetic towards other people around the world. The children are very active in supporting local and national charities. We also have moments of reflection when we consider how world events affect the lives of others and also historic events which we feel it is important to remember.