Curriculum Intent 

The federation vision is modelled in our curriculum, where we promise to flourish together. 

We will do this with a creative and relevant curriculum which will inspire and motivate all pupils to become the best that they can be and achieve academic excellence. We will nurture and support our children and equip them with the skills they need to become confident, determined and respectful young adults who have exciting and ambitious aspirations for their futures.    

Our pupils will achieve academic excellence though a curriculum which teaches them essential skills for life such as cooperation, teamwork, resilience and respect for others, their environment and themselves, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Using the National Curriculum as the foundation of our curriculum, pupils will leave our school well prepared for the next stages of their education and life in the modern world with a mastery of the subjects they have been taught.  

We will provide a range of opportunities for pupils to move learning from the short to the long-term memory, resulting in mastery of the subject taught.  By the time learners leave, they will have mastered a range of both procedural knowledge (skills) and factual knowledge through opportunities for deliberately practise and careful planning for progression and depth.  

Our inclusive culture and Christian ethos promotes the rich diversity of Britain and encourages children to actively take part in their local community, understanding the importance of being a global citizen. Working together in partnership, ultimately leads to flourishing together.

Further information about each area of the curriculum can be found in the subject areas on the website.

If you would like any further information regarding the curriculum please speak to your child’s class teacher.