Emerald Class

At Skelton Newby Hall Primary C of E school we promise to flourish together.

Emerald class is an Early Years/ Key stage 1 class which offers exciting opportunities both inside and outside for young children to learn. There is a large classroom indoors which is currently set up for our early years class, but which has ample space for KS1 learners to develop their own learning within a practical and engaging environment. There is a huge, great outdoor space including a designated early years area, a playground, a tree house, an enormous field, a pond and an allotment garden. We keep chickens on site and the children take responsibility for looking after them. 

The School is a church school and the younger children join in with Collective Worship daily, sometimes this is in school and sometimes it is in one of our local churches - St. Helens in Skelton on Ure or Christ the Consoler on the Newby Hall estate.

Outdoor learning is particularly important to us. We spend a large part of our day outside investigating the outdoors, making the most of the weather conditions to support our learning and developing our physical skills. Sometimes  we will have a forest school session  where we learn skills and crafts using natural materials, as well as having team building activities, games and a campfire where we cook something tasty to eat. 

We have 2 PE sessions each week in addition to our outdoor physical exploration. We have an allotment garden which is great to explore at any time of the year. 

Every week is a busy week full of fun, laughter and learning. Skelton Newby Hall Primary School is a tiny village school with a big personality.

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