...and...ACTION! Skelton Newby Hall Christmas Video 2020

We have had the most fun couple of days filming and editing together our Christmas song for everyone to enjoy on our website and school Facebook page.

Since we will not be able to hold a carol service in the church this year for members of our school and village community, we decided that this would be a lovely alternative that would mean we could still share happy Christmas wishes with everyone - in our community and beyond!

Our school neighbours will have heard our festive cheer chiming through the village, complete with xylophone accompaniments and the vocal talents (on some 'takes', less apparent than others!) of our whole school. Some (the horses next door) even got involved!

The result is a Christmas video that we are very proud of, complete with our favourite part - the outtakes!

Watch it using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/100006446670562/videos/2718428185048711/

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