Art, Design & Technology

Art, Design and Technology at Skelton Newby Hall Primary School.

We believe that art, design and technology is a brilliant way of enthusing the children in their learning. We use art and design in a variety of ways so that it can be cross curricular as well as a means of learning art and design skills. We get involved with community projects as well as doing smaller art topics of our own. Some of our Design work is linked to science and maths or  RE. This practical hands on experience gives a greater depth of learning for topics and gives the children some memorable experiences.

As we are a small school we often do art projects together as a whole school, which enables the younger children to aspire to the skills and techniques of the older children and enables the older children to support the younger ones.

We regularly have ‘learning together afternoons’ where parents and friends are invited into school to support the children as they make/paint or create things, or set up art galleries or fayres where the items the children have made can be purchased and the money goes towards buying new materials for school.

There is opportunity after school one day a week for children to attend an art and craft group.

We have visitors into school who support the children to create art with links to the church such as creating a ’ stained glass’ window , this is on view in Christ the Consoler, or making purple poppies out of felt to commemorate the animals who served during the First World War. 

We make our own props, backdrops and decorations for school when we have big events such as a summer performance or open day. Or when we commemorate Remembrance day and line the school fence with poppies. We always produce art work for our Christian celebration services such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter and this art is often then on display in our local church St. Helens for our local community to enjoy.

We make the most of our amazing local environment and have regular trips into the local woods or use the school grounds to create artwork using natural materials.