Links with Church

We have close links with the parish of Skelton cum Newby, St. Helen’s Church in Skelton. The Vicar takes collective worship regularly and we use the local church for this and also for educational activities. The children hold a daily collective worship, which is of a Christian character.

Our SIAMS inspection in July 2016 judged us to be an “outstanding”church school and the Inspector recognised how the Christian distinctiveness of our school is a strong foundation for each child’s successful learning journey.

Links with the Village

Relationships with family and community are very important and school takes part in the many aspects of village life. Local members of the community are also welcomed into school on a regular basis and they often share their own expertise and life experiences with the children.

Links with Other Schools

It is important for children in a small village school to meet and get to know their peers in similar local schools. Our federation has created the opportunity for our children have extremely close links with their peers at Sharow CE School. We go on joint residential visits and school trips and we travel together to our sporting events. In addition to this we are part of a cluster of small village schools and organise many joint activities throughout the school year that enable the children to broaden their social circle. For example, our annual French trip includes children from Sharow, North Stainley, and Bishop Monkton school.

Links with our Diocese

We value our membership of The Diocese of Leeds through their Partnership with Church Schools.

Links with Newby Hall

We are fortunate to have close links with Newby Hall and are able to enjoy wonderful walks through the woodland, exploration of the sculpture trail and Christ the Consoler Church on a regular basis. The estate is also kind enough to allow us to hold our annual Cross Country event in the grounds and the children enjoy an afternoon in the adventure playground once the race is over.

Links with the Churches Conservation Trust

We are so fortunate to be able to use the beautiful Christ the Consoler Church for school events. We regularly utilise the topic resources that the Trust provide. The children have produced a visitors’ guide to the church and are wonderful ambassadors for this historic local landmark.