Welcome back to school

We have had glorious weather for our return to school. We are trying very hard to socially distance. It is great fun being back at school, there is so much to do in the outdoor area. Today we have been making potions with beautiful rose petals and herbs from our garden. Also we have been climbing on our obstacle course which is now in amongst some lovely planted tyres.

We have been busy watering the allotment, squirting water, exploring which things float and which things sink, and currently using cable drums as a door for the cave they built this morning.. The boys are just problem solving because the cave is on a slope and the cable drum door kept rolling away.

Not only did we find out which things float and which sink, but we also had shadows from the things that floated. Then we filled the water with rose petals. After having a funny moment when a cheeky chicken came to drink out of our water tray.

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