Rivers Everywhere!

We are learning about rivers in Geography this half term. Whilst the year 6 pupils have been busy with their tests, the year 4s and 5s have had the opportunity to make 3D models of rivers with Emerald class. These are all finished now and looking great.

We have also been making rivers in learning nest garden. Today, we tested them to see if they worked. We learnt a lot about how rivers work: we know they need to flow downhill from a source, that they erode the land and carry it with them and also that they can flood if they become blocked. I also heard lots of great river vocabulary when children were taking about what they had made.

Our rivers work has given us the opportunity to work together in groups to achieve a common goal. We have had to communicate well and make decisions together to make sure the water flowed down our rivers and that our models were something we could be proud of.

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