Working Hard in Diamond Class

Children gravity painting.

Diamond Class have been working hard since they came back to school in January. As well as learning all about forces and magnets (we've already learnt that some magnets are horse-shoe shaped because it gives them more pulling power and that cars slip on ice because of friction), we have also been working hard on our times tables. We are getting much quicker and will have a weekly times table each week to focus on. We love our times tables rock stars time and some of us are already Rock Legends. This means we can answer times tables questions in under 2 seconds!

This week, we tried gravity painting in the style of Amy Shackleton. It was much harder than she makes it look but we tried our best and, with a little more practice, we will soon be creating masterpieces too. We have also researched some inspirational people (Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough were just a couple that the children chose) and thought about what we can learn from them.

We've also learnt about the importance of 'yet'. In Diamond class, we are remembering not to say that we can't do anything, only that we can't do it yet. We know our brains get stronger if we work hard and take on challenging tasks so it is okay to not be able to do something...yet! It just means we are learning something new!

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