Our Children

Educational Visits

Children throughout school are given opportunities to take part in Educational visits. These trips back up their learning in different topics with memorable experiences.

Our school links with our federated school, Sharow CE School, and another partner school, North Stainley for some of our residential visits.

In 2017 in addition to the trips offered below our Year 4 - Year 6 children were given the opportunity to travel to France for a 3 day adventure (see the gallery section for photos). This will be offered again in 2018.

Year Group 2017-2018 2018-2019
Year 2 Camping in school grounds Camping in school grounds
Year 3 & 4 Camping at Slenningford Watermill 3 day residential trip to Bewerley Park
Year 5 & 6 5 day residential trip to Halton Gill, Littondale 5 day residential trip to East Barnby
Year 6 London London
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Sporting Events

Our children go to Ripon Baths for swimming lessons every week from September until the end of the Spring Term (Easter).

Our Sports Coach, Dan Woolston, works with the children every Friday, targeting a different sport each half term.

As part of the Harrogate School Sports Partnership our children compete with local rural schools in a variety of sporting events each year including football, netball, gymnastics, cricket and orienteering. For more information about the Sports Partnership click here

Our school hosts an annual Cross-Country event for a number of local schools. It is held in the summer term in the grounds of Newby Hall.

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Music, Dance and so much more!

Music lessons are delivered both by our experienced teaching staff and by our music teacher, Andrew Roberts. They experience a variety of musical and vocal styles throughout the year.

Our specialist Dance teacher, Sam Rich, works with all the children during the course of the year providing a fun and challenging alternative form of P.E that has proved hugely popular.

We treasure reading immensely in our school and are fortunate to have strong ties with The Little Ripon Bookshop. The children enjoy regular visits from Gill who shares some of the best new books with us all.

We also like to provide a variety of in-school and after school clubs for the children. What is offered changes as the interests of the children and weather conditions fluctuate.

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