School Improvement 2019-2020

School Improvement 2019-2020

OBJECTIVE 1: Quality of Education

To provide a good quality of education that enables pupils to achieve the best outcomes by:

· Ensuring that there is a broad and balanced curriculum

· Making good use of accurate assessment to track progress

· Demanding a high standard of work across the curriculum

· Providing teaching that is ‘at least good’

· Having a sharp focus on ensuring that younger children gain phonics knowledge and language comprehension necessary to read

·  Using data effectively to track progress of all pupils and identify those at risk

OBJECTIVE 2: Behaviour and attitudes

To ensure that behavior and attitudes are evaluated as at least good by:

· Ensuring that the behavior policy is implemented consistently by all staff

· Ensuring expectations are commonly understood and applied consistently and fairly by all

· Eliminating low level disruption

· Making sure that behavior does not disrupt lessons or the day-to-day life of the school

· Supporting pupils to improve their behavior and attitudes

· Supporting all staff in managing pupil behavior

· Increasing pupil resilience and improving their attitudes to learning

OBJECTIVE 3: Personal Development

To ensure that personal development is evaluated as at least good by :

· Providing opportunities for high quality SMSC development

· Preparing pupils for life in modern Britain effectively, developing their understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and respect. 

· Including mental health and well-being in the curriculum

· Implementing the newly adopted PSHE assessment to support teaching

· Providing pupils with an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships.

· Offering a wide range of opportunities to nurture, develop and stretch pupils’ talents and interests

OBJECTIVE 4: Leadership and Management

Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality education to all pupils by:

· Ensuring that leaders have a short, medium long term views view for the school

· Continuing to develop all leaders in school

· Engaging with staff, are aware of and take account the main pressures on them, including workload

· Contributing and engaging with school improvement

OBJECTIVE 5: Quality of Education in Early Years

To meet all the criteria for good in the effectiveness of early years by:

· Constructing a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give children, particularly the most disadvantaged, the knowledge, self-belief and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

· Securing a knowledge of phonics, which gives children the foundations for future learning, especially in preparation for them to become confident and fluent readers.

· Having a sharp focus on ensuring that our children acquire a wide vocabulary and communicate effectively


To ensure a judgement of good following a SIAMS inspection by:

· Finalising and embedding the federation vision

· Upskilling Governors to have the knowledge to self-evaluate the school, as a Church School

· Ensuring opportunities for spiritual development

· Having a greater commitment to well-being

· Encouraging engagement and provide opportunities in social action

· Increasing the impact of collective worship

· Developing effective religious education